Hospital Talk

    A few interesting observations and conversations from the hospital.  Some are quite serious others were not so much but helped pass the time.

    On my first visit to the ER, I couldn’t bring myself to say I was considering suicide, even to a nurse or doctor.  I talk freely about it now.  I have realised that is the only way to get help and it reflects poorly on no one to feel like this.  It is a symptom of the illness, not a character flaw in me.  Someone who had brought a friend in for an od asked me why I was there.  I said I want to kill myself.  She was a bit taken aback at the frankness to start, but we had a great conversation about it.

    On the bad side, another person who brought a friend in because of drugs was calling a relative for a ride home.  After the call she reassured her friend by saying, “I told them you bumped your head at work.  I don’t want anyone to think you are some psycho suicidal maniac.”  How hurtful and insensitive can you be while sitting among patients with mental illness?  

    I learned about knitting on a round loom from another patient.  He was using it to pass the time and as a distraction technique.  He actually sold a hat to an orderly while waiting.  It looks like something I would enjoy, it is on my list to try.

    An eighteen year old and I had a conversation.  After we had been talking for about a half hour she wanted to know if I would mind her asking me a personal question.  I said no problem, and she asked why my voice was deep.  I said because I am trans.  She was totally taken aback.  She said she wouldn’t have guessed.  An unintentional compliment that made my week!!!