The System is Broken

I really appreciate scholarly posts that point out where the mental health system is letting down itas patients.  Those posts are so necessary and hopefully someone in government is paying attention.
This isn’t a scholarly post.  I am too frustrated right now to try to come up with statistics or quotes.  How about a non-scholarly article from a user of this system that has been let down.  Surely there is a place for those, too?
The system sucks!!!  It seems everyone in this broken system has their own agenda.  Oh wait, one thing I have learned is that they are not called agendas, they are mandates.  I have yet to find the department whose mandate is to treat patients as individuals and to listen to their needs.  I am a diagnosis.  After the diagnosis it is just a connect the dots game.  My diagnosis is this so the next action is this and then we move to this.  No flexibility at all and no where in this action plan is there actually room for the patient to be heard.  
I feel like I have broken my leg and they keep putting a cast on my arm.  They think they are fixing the leg but they won’t listen when I say the cast is on my arm.  Their mandate says a cast is in order and the cast peoples mandate says that in this particular year they can only put casts on arms. 
What kind of bullshit system is it?  I want help, I have begged for help, I have tried to do what I can for myself and still the system totally discounts anything I say.  
I had a doctor yesyerday that actually listened to me.  They are in short supply from what I have seen. I think that class has been dropped from psychiatry school.  Anyway, the doctor listened, the doctor understood, the doctor made the referrals based on a plan he and I came up with together.  The department he referred me to ignored the plan and came up with their own.  To be perfectly honest, they were not creative enough to come up with their own plan.  They just did the exact opposite of what the doctor asked for.  Maybe they knew he was the “one” who listens to patients and thought the best thing would be the opposite.  Maybe they just read it backwards and upside down.  Maybe their mandate says this is what they must do.  At least I have another cast on my arm.
The system is broken.  Speaking from personal experience, the system is worse than broken.  Taking someone who has a mental illness that makes suicide a viable option and showing that patient there is very little hope any other way is worse than simply broken.  Last year there was an incident where a young person was discharged and walked directly out of hospital and completed suicide.  There have been several incidents like that as a matter of fact.  I totally understand it now.  When you are in that much pain and seeking help only results in the frustration of not being heard, being totally misunderstood, being discounted as a person and having your well being not matter, it is really really hard to see any other choice.  
The system isn’t just broken, the system sucks and it is killing people.  What has to be done for this to change?


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