Opinions Please

I would really like opinions of anyone reading this.  I will try to be as general as possible so my bias does not color it too much.  I am just feeling like I am asking too much from care providers and I just need to deal with everything myself.
I spent 6 weeks in the hospital and came out feeling a bit more hopeful.  I met with my team the week I got out.  It was just a get to know you meeting.  The Dr had a dental problem and had to leave early so we met again the next week.  Pretty much the same as the week before.  The OT in the hospital had made a refferal for a peer support worker and my case manager seemed to think it wouldn’t take long to get one.  I have met with my team 3 more times since then.  It has been over 2 months since I came out of the hospital.  Still no peer support worker.  I have not worked on any coping skills or much else besides checking in when I see my team.  I don’t qualify for a suicide prevention program because I have the team, even though they won’t talk with me about suicide prevention.  I can’t afford a counsellor.  A week before I got out of the hospital I was diagnosed with BPD.  My new dictor just accepted that diagnosis last week even though I told him I thought it was right.  I have asked for treatment and only been offered social groups.  Social groups scare me because of the unhealthy socialization skills associated with my BPD.  I was feeling really bad last Friday and called my mental health team.  I talked to someone I have never met.  When I told him my life sucks, he laughed at me.  My doctor didn’t believe me when I told him.  
Every time I look for serious help, I feel there is none out there.  Am I being unreasonable?   Is feeling like weekly counselling would help not realistic?  I am feeling so lost and hopeless.


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