Happy Feet

Life has seemed pretty heavy lately and my posts have probably reflected that.  The truth is there has not been a great lot of joy for me in the last few months, but there are a few things that make me smile.  As odd as it may sound, my socks are one of those things.
Have you ever had that really cozy pair of socks to wear around the home?  In the past my favorites have been fuzzy socks.  They are so nice and warm and the added bonus is how they slide on a smooth floor.  It is easy to feel like a kid again in fuzzy socks.
My current favorites are not fuzzy or slippery, though.  In fact one of the cool things about them is that they have grips on both sides if the feet.  No matter which way you wear them, you can not slip.  
They are warm and cozy, though.  That is a must for comfy home socks.  They are a nice bright blue with white grips.  Another must for me is nice colors.  The visual should make me smile as well as the feel.  The white grips on these socks form a big smiley face on each side.  Whichever way I wear them, there is always a big smile looking up at me.  How great is that?

The other must have for my perfect pair of socks is the fit.  These are too big for me, which is perfect.  I can pull them up tight and they keep my feet and most of my calf warm.  When I walk around though, they slip down and I end up with my toes an inch or two away from the end of the sock.  The result is floppy feet.  I love floppy feet!  The socks flop up and down with every step I take and something about that has made me happy since I was a kid.  I would love to have a pair of those oversized clown shoes.  Floppy feet are fun.

It may sound silly, but it is nice to have this small thing that brings me a little joy.  Everybody needs something to smile about, don’t they?  What little things in your life bring you happiness?


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