My Note From March 21

When the lessons and tasks are all ended,

And the school for the day is dismissed,

And the little ones gather around me,

To bid me good-night and be kissed.

-Charles M. Dickinson, “The Children”

This is not a note from the psych ward technically.  I was discjarged yesterday and I am back home.
December 28 was my first visit to the emergency room.  From December 28 to today I have been to the ER four times at two different hospitals.  I have been admitted to three different hospitals.  I have spent more nights in hospital this year than at home.  I have talked to at least fifteen doctors and been prescribed at least ten different medications.  I have been apprehended and handcuffed by the police twice.
I am happy to say that I am now able to laugh again

  I have learned some important skills to help me.  The last month and a half was more helpful than the other two hospitals combined.  I am mot cured by any stretch of the imagination.  I compare leaving the psych ward to graduating from elementary school.  I have some of the basic skills I need to survive, but I have tons more to learn.  Now I at least have a more accurate diagnosis.  That will allow me to work on what will help the most.
Hopefully there will be no more notes from the psych ward from me.  I do plan to continue to write about mental health.  Tomorrow I will meet with my outpatient team to see where I go from here.  After that I am going shopping for spring clothes!!!


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