Behavioral Activation

There are still a few posts from my hospital stay to put on here, but I thought it was about time for another more recent update.
Behavioral activation is something we talked about in the CBT group in the hospital.  The most basic way I can think of to describe it is “fake it until you make it.”  

Depression tries to convince me that activities I enjoy will not be enjoyable.  Behavioral activation says try it no matter how you feel.  Try it for at least 5 minutes then you can quit or stay for another 5 minutes.  This is much easier said than done when you are depressed or anxious.  I have talked myself out of trying several activities in the few weeks I have been home.  
There have been some positives though and that is what I need to focus on.  Last Friday I went to work for the first time since January.  After I went I was glad I did.  It gave me a sense of accomplishment and it was nice being around other people.  Friday evening I attended a social vroup I go to every now and then.  Working all day kept my mind busy enough that I did not have time to talk myself out of going to the group.  A wind storm and rain would have provided a convenient rationalization for skipping the group but I went anyway and had a great time and a couple of timbits 😊.
In the hospital there were doctors and nurses to hold me accountable for attending my planned activities.  Now I do not have that accountability on a daily basis and it is more difficult.  I am going to try to remember how it helps my mood to follow through with my plans.  I will also try to be more compassionate to myself when I just can not muster the energy to go out.


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