My Note From Feb 22

No star is ever lost we once have seen,

We always may be what we might have been.

-Adelaide Anne Proctor, “A Legend of Provence”

The routine during the week here seems pretty mundane, so I don’t think it is much to write about.  In the mornings after breakfast I see my doctor, then it is just groups after that.  This morning I went to a mindful meditation group.  Right now there is a cooking group making their lunch.  Cooking sounded like a fun group, I really like the occupational therapist running it, but I get very self concious doing stuff like that in a group.  After lunch I will go to the mood group and learn more about CBT from the psychologist.  After that I will probably get a coffee and go for my 30 minute walk.  In between I read, color and work on a puzzle.  I save TV for the evenings, I am not a big TV watcher.  See, pretty mundane stuff.
I do chat with some of the other patients, and the occupational therapist has been great to talk with.  I went on a group walk yesterday and had the chance to chat with her quite a bit.  There is a possibility that my family doctor will come to visit this evening.  It would be great to see her and it would be my first visitor since I have been here, over two weeks now.
My nurse this morning is a student.  Being a university hospital we do get the students with other nurses supervising.  I find my nurse today pretty amusing.  He is obviously not totally at ease around patients and not totally sure how to engage me in conversation.  That seems to be a very important skill for the psych nurses and most of them are really good at it.  Right now I have very little concentration and patience so I probably have not made the student’s experience any easier or better.


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