My Note From Feb. 13

Childhood is measured out by sounds and smells and sights, before the dark of reason grows.

– John Betjeman, Summoned by Bells

I picture it as a gathering of souls.  The bodies don’t matter much, maybe there won’t be any physical bodies, that isn’t the important bit to me.  Religion isn’t the important bit to me, either.  
All of the souls are there and all are equal.  Time is not measured as it is in this life.  In fact, I don’t see the need for time at all.  These souls are the ones we have when we physically die, but here is the important bit, they are deaged and unlearned souls.  We lose all of the “life lessons” we have gained, our souls are unspotted, just as they were when we were born.  Our true human nature can shine, not the natures that are influenced by our lives here.  In my afterlife, there is only one nurturer for our souls.  That nurturer can go by any name you prefer, that is just semantics.  I prefer to call it ” the universe.”  This nurturer is perfect in its nature.  Our souls are finally nurtured and cared for as they were always meant to be.  There is no good and bad, we are all just perfectly harmonious and perfectly content.  All the mistakes are erased and we finally realize our true potential and the true purpose of our lives.  No matter how we fared in our earthly life, it is all erased and every single soul is finally equal.  I think we can still have a uniqueness, but these meld perfectly in a synergy that people have never been able to achieve in this life.  In my afterlife, there is no need for heaven or hell, we are all together and all receiving the eternal nurturing we have longed for in this life.


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