I have recently had some mental health challenges and was hospitalized a few times. All were for pretty brief stints except this last one.  I have spent a good deal of time in a mood disorders unit at UBC.  My diagnosis is Major Depression and Generalized Anxiety.  While here, I am using a coloring book to help pass time, distract myself during anxious times, and practice mindfulness. I am writing blog posts by hand in the coloring book and will transcribe them here.  In some of the posts I will include the coloring book quote on the page I wrote the post on, and I plan to photograph some of the completed pictures to add to the posts as well.  
Please understand that these posts will include talk about suicide and self harm as well as anxiety and depression.  If any of these are triggers for you, please don’t read. 
I went to the ER on Monday, Feb. 6 on the insistence of my family doctor.  I was transferred to the UBC unit on the afternoon of Tuesday, Feb. 7.


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