On the Red Carpet

Yes, its true, I got to walk the red carpet last night in a fabulous new dress and heels for the first time. It was a great evening. No major slip ups, I may not have been the most comfortable in heels, but I didn’t look like a newborn fawn either.  I mixed and mingled in a room that was shoulder to shoulder with celebrities, media and in general very few people I had met before.

The fun started when I got home.  I have a new face wash, a pump bottle instead of wipes and last night was my first time using it.  So I splashed some nice warm water on my face, grabbed the bottle by the sink, sprayed it in my hands and lathered it up.  Funny though, it doesn’t really foam up.  Why would they boother calling it foaming face fash?  Maybe it still works though, so I rub it on, extra attention to the eyes, that mascara is hard to get off except the moments you don’t want it to run.  Another nice rinse in warm water and pat dry and I feel great.  Now its time to check out this bottle, because I was really looking forward to a nice soothing foam.  Thats when I realised the trick to getting foam is using the right bottle.  I had just washed my face with the hairspray I had left on the counter when I was getting ready.  So I guess I am one of those people they write the silly warning labels for.  This product is not intended to be used as a face wash!


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