Today started out poorly.  I had a doctors appointment first thing, but knew I was facing a lot of pressure at work, so the few hours missed would make the day harder.  On the way to the doctors office, the elastic in my tights broke.  No more cheap tights for me.  The doctor visit was not bad, but not as encouraging as I thought it would be.  When I left the office, I had an urgent message from work waiting for me.

Then I made it to the bus stop to head to work, and the only other person at the stop told me my hair was gorgeous!  That opened a conversation that lasted the entire 30 minute ride.  She even invited me to visit her in the Philippines, where she spends time with family and takes care of underprivileged children.  She is retired, unfortunately I don’t have as much time on my hands.  I could have spent hours chatting with her.

Not everything will always go my way, but isn’t it funny how things seem to have a way of balancing out most of the time?  Just when I seem to get wrapped up in my problems, or perceived problems, along comes a wonderful, friendly, smiling stranger to brighten my day and pull me out of my own little world.  I didn’t even get a name, but she did promise me a great meal if we meet again!


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