Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. Today is also just over two months on HRT for me and the second day for me presenting full time as female. I am not happy with my hair the way it is, my voice isn’t there yet, I need to get my nails done and I need some shoes and another jacket. Physically I need more electrolysis, more boobs, and less weight. I am sure I don’t walk just right and my posture is not the best.

I was waiting for all of this to be perfect before I transitioned full time. Even with my perceived imperfections, I am much happier living as I am today. I know these things will get better or at least less important to me over time.

Coming in to work today was scary, but I faced my fears. That has given me more confidence than fixing all of the flaws I can find in myself.

Happy Thanksgiving. Guess what I am thankful for today!


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