Shopping is Supposed to be Fun

Overall, it was a good weekend. I didn’t have to go to work.  I did spend about a half hour Sunday working at home, but that was really no big deal.

I was really excited about my Saturday.  I had an eye exam scheduled first thing, then planned to shop the rest of the day.  I was super excited to start my fall//work wardrobe.  I am getting quite anxious to present as female full time.  It bothers me when I pull out my old clothes to wear.  I don’t care about those clothes anymore and want rid of them.  As a result, I wear the same thing over and over and it probably shows that I don’t care about my clothes.  

The eye exam went great.  Perfectly healthy eyes and a new prescription for lenses that will make work and reading much easier.  Armed with this new prescription, it was time to pick out frames.  The young man who was to help me with this task asked if I wanted to change it up a bit and try a new look.  What an understatement! I said yes, I want feminine frames.  He was taken back a little, but was polite.  He asked me why, in a very respectful way.  After he was clear about it all, we had a great time picking out the new frames.  He was very kind and helpful and even helped me save more money.

After that, I couldn’t wait to shop.  My first stop was to be a great consignment store that has been super helpful in the past.  After a half hour train ride to the suburbs, I walked into the shop.  The clerk was with another customer across the store.  She asked if she could help me, and I told her I would just browse.  She informed me in a loud voice that they only had women’s clothes.  A few other customers looked up at this, and I simply replied, I know.  She then said, in a sarcastic tone, no men’s clothes.  More people looking at us. I said ok and walked out.  I was pissed and disappointed and totally out of the shopping mood.  Why should she care what I wear? Why would she choose to address me loudly in front of everyone else?  

After writing bad reviews of the store, the owner contacted me.  The ownership changed this past month and maybe that explains the change in attitude. 

The rest of the weekend was great, though. A whole nine hours of sleep Saturday night and shopping on Sunday.  I still was a little leary of shopping.  I didn’t buy anything, but went out looking.  I think I had to convince myself that Saturday was an isolated incident and not the norm.


One thought on “Shopping is Supposed to be Fun

  1. Argh! I’m sorry that happened to you in the consignment store, I can imagine the horrible feeling that replaced your excitement :(. Hold your head up high, you’ll find the perfect place to purchase your new wardrobe and when you do…AWESOME!!!!!!
    YAY for the eye testing guy.
    You have a beautiful week

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