I really had nothing in particular to write about, but some time to write a post, so I get to vent a little and hopefully it at least helps me.

Work is still very stressful.  A little more hopeful looking, but still not good. It took turning a three day weekend into a one day weekend to squeeze out the little bit of hope there is.  I was looking forward to some serious shopping for my new wardrobe over the weekend, but instead worked too much.

As a result of long hours at wkrk and constant stress, I don’t like this city!  Ok, I really do, but a break from the crowd would be nice. A few days without rude people pushing their way in front of me for the last spot on a train or bus would be nice.  Better yet, no rude people pushing their way in front of me for a spot on a nearly empty train or bus.  I get the feeling they do it just to be rude, I can’t think of any other rationalization for them.

Speaking of rude people, I am sick of excuses.  Some people seem to think misgendering, using a wrong name, or making sarcastic gender comments is ok if they can think of an excuse.  I am too old to remember/change, I have trouble remembering, and I don’t understand are the top ones I have heard so far.  Guess what, I personally do not understand being in a body that matches my gender, I have never experienced that, but I don’t use it as an excuse to be rude to you! I also really don’t need to be singled out, especially in front of others, and told I am not being lady like.  Being a woman in no way implies I am a lady, and I never will be if it means adhering to someone’s random stereotypes.

Ok, maybe I do feel a little better now.  Sorry to be so negative.  Something happened the other week that makes me smile when I think about it, hopefully you can get a chuckle from it.  A round, fat baby seal looked at me with his cute adorable face.  I swear he was smiling at me, then he let out a ripping loud fart 🙂


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