Dark Clouds

After a nice stretch of sunny hot weather, Vancouver, true to form, is back to cloudy and cool with an ever present chance for rain. For anyone who is not familiar with this city, it is never as gloomy as it sounds.  It is a vibrant city that is as alive as any city I have lived in.  Despite the almost prohibitive cost of living, the city still draws people to it.  That says a lot for it.

In one day, my journey has gone from bright and sunny to a bit overcast, as well.  Funding for a major undertaking at work was cut by two thirds yesterday.  Now it is going to be a scramble to see how the company can make it.  Closing the doors is a very real possibility right now.  That has me worried about what i will do.  

Vancouver is a very open minded city, but looking for work as a trans person is still a daunting task.  I am weeks away from going full time, but still have considerable expenses to get there.  I can still pass as a cis male, for sure, but do I want to?  Will i be able to find a job that will pay enough for me to remain in this expensive city?

I am really quite worried, but nothing I can really do at the moment except go into work and see if this job can be salvaged.  Fingers crossed.


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