Body and Soul

I have had a lot of random thoughts lately about ghosts, souls, and what makes a person.  Once again, I figured I may as well write about these thoughts.  Again, it’s just my personal thoughts, not organized at all and in no way a concrete coherent theory I base my life on.  More just musings in my head.  

My transition is mostly a physical thing.  Hair removal, hormones (hopefully some day once I navigate the health system), dress, make up.  They are all very physical, outward signs if my transition.  What most people wouldn’t see is how complete these physical changes make me feel. I don’t think I can do a great job explaining it, but I am starting to feel like one person, a real person.  The picture I have of myself in my head is starting to line up with reality.

This in a way, has brought about my wondering about a person’s essence.  Is it contained in the physical body?  Is it in what some call the soul?  Is it a combination of the two?  When the physical body is gone, do our life experiences and our knowledge live on because of some entity or energy contained in our physical self?

I grew up immersed in a Christian Church.  Christianity and other religions seem to have a belief that your life’s experiences and your very essence is contained in something that survives your physical death.  Believers of the supernatural (I am specifically thinking of ghosts and the like) seem to think the same.  

I recently read an interesting series of books by Jose Farmer about a future world where everyone who has ever lived was able to be recreated from the energy that remained when they died.  

I have reached no conclusions, and make absolutely no claim to have a clue about any answers.  I find it interesting on a couple of levels, though.  Presupposing ghosts and souls do exist makes for very interesting stories and is a must for a lot of religious and spiritual beliefs.  No matter how much I think humans have messed up religion, deep down I do believe in the spiritual.  

I guess the biggest questions these thoughts bring up for me is around my transition right now, though.  If we are made up of different entities, these entities don’t have to align with each other.  If a religion or dogma believes part if me is going to heaven or hell when the physical is dead, why is it such a stretch for them to understand that maybe that part of me doesn’t always line up with what is presented on the outside, physical part?  Isn’t there some saying about the spirit being willing but the flesh being weak?  Isn’t this an acknowledgement that the two parts aren’t always on the same page?  So maybe the spirit is female and the flesh has been slow to follow?  Is that any more inconceivable?  Right or wrong, isn’t this some common ground that religion and the trans community could discuss and build on instead of building more hate?


4 thoughts on “Body and Soul

    • Thank you! It bothers me so much that our culture fosters hate and violence.

      I am glad you enjoy the posts. It feels good for me to be open about who I am after hiding for so long.


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