What Is Not Being Talked About Enough Concerning Orlando & Other Mass Murders: The Social Construction of Masculinity in the U.S.


imageSo the media immediately jumped on what they thought were possible issues behind the mass murder: homophobia, guns, “radical Islam”, ISIL; but why is no one talking about masculinity? It is no coincidence that whenever there is a mass shooting we assume that it is a man. Yet this is the at the root of the problem. This is what happens when you raise young boys to not cry or express emotions other than anger or aggression so that they won’t be “sissies,” “fags,” “bitches,” or other slurs that instill fear of being seen as even remotely “feminine”–(what is socially constructed to be feminine) or gay (which goes against masculinity because men are supposed to be heterosexual or they’re not considered “manly”–hence why homophobia is more rampant and violent among men). They are told to “toughen up”, to “man up”, and many other terms that tell them that they have…

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