Thanks for Reading

I wasn’t really to sure what to write about today, so let’s see what comes out!

First, I really do appreciate all of who read this.  I don’t have that many followers, but just having one regular reader makes me feel good, and I do have more than one.

Before I ever thought about transitioning, I would go through phases of buying female clothes and accessories and then letting shame take over and getting rid of everything.  Two or three years ago, when I was the buying part of this cycle, I had the thought that it would be so amazing to live a full weekend as a female.  In my fantasy of that time, it would have to be on vacation in a different city.  My fantasy became reality this weekend, but in the city I live in.  It has felt so wonderful and natural, I am dreading going back to work tomorrow as a man. 

In reality, I don’t have the wardrobe yet to live as female full time.  I am slowly working on this, it is quite expensive, though.  There is an amazing person who I consider a true friend who wants to take me shopping.  If you are reading this Wonder Woman, I can’t wait for your help.  I know I won’t end up looking like an old lady if I let her pick out clothes for me. 

An extremely kind and fun lady with bright blue lipstick gave me a makeup lesson yesterday.  I did go for the bright blue lipstick for myself, but she totally pulled it off.  It may be a look I try for fun one of these days.

A question for anyone still paying attention, are you supposed to pick perfume because the bottle makes you smile when you look at it?  OK, that wasn’t exactly the case, the cutest little wasn’t a scent I would wear, but this bottle was pretty close.  Instead of a ladybug, it looks a little bouquet of wildflowers. 

Last random thought for this week.  Who knows anything about Bulgaria?  I shared a seat with a very friendly lady on the way home Friday.  We had a great chat, and she is from Bulgaria.  I admitted my ignorance and she educated me a little.  Now I want to learn more.  I guess that’s how we get smarter.  I can’t imagine another circumstance that would compel me to learn more about Bulgaria.

I do hope everyone has an amazing week.  Don’t forget to find enjoyment in your life.  As I learn to make myself happy, I am finding more and more true enjoyment in my day to day life.


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