Step One

I have nearly completed what I consider the first step of my transition.  The milestones I am using to mark it in my mind are mostly physical changes even though I think the most monumental changes are inside me.

I still have the pesky issue of hair removal to deal with, but that will be ongoing for quite a while now.  Everything else, besides some makeup practice is in place for me to face the world as myself for the first time.  I am so excited i can barely contain myself! 

I had wanted to go out this weekend, but again, circumstances beyond anyone’s control have contrived against my plans.  I am staying true to myself and treating myself as I deserve to be treated, though.  No matter how much I want to go out this weekend, I know I would be even more self conscious if I can’t prepare entirely as I want to.  I am doing this on my own terms and making myself as comfortable as I can by not rushing the process. I feel good about taking care of myself and listening to my own needs, too.  This is a fairly new thing for me and I still forget sometimes.

A trip to the brow bar was an almost suitable substitute and a nice treat.  I am quite fascinated with threading, too. Who came up with this? I am quite impressed with the talent of the person that did mine.  Another first for me and even a nice mini massage after my brows were done.

So, sometime this week should be my first trip out if all goes well. Absolutely exciting and terrifying at the same time.  Each little step I take though just confirms the happiness this is bringing me.  It may sound weird, but acknowledging the strife inside me is quite uncomfortable at times, but does bring me joy and peace.  I guess the joy and peace is because by acknowledging it, I can finally do something about it and move in the direction I was always meant to move in.


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