I have mentioned how overwhelming all this is, not just in what it means for my life, but also the details of transitioning.  When I told one person, the initial reaction was curiosity about the steps for transition.  I have heard it is different for everyone, and that is easy to believe, and I am not going to go into the steps I have planned because my plans seem to change so quickly.  Instead, for anyone that is curious, here is a list of the details going through my head right now.  These change hour to hour, but it will be therapeutic for me to write them down.

What kind of purse do I get
If I have a purse, I need a wallet for it
I have to look into my legal name change
Do I need a curling iron or a flat iron
Do I need both
What’s the difference
What’s for dinner
I have no accessories
A necklace would be nice
A manicure would be nice
Long nails would be cool but weird at first
Maybe pizza
I could use a little more hips but the pizza wouldn’t go there
Just a couple more weeks and I will be Jodi in public for the first time
It will take hours to get ready that first time
What time does the library open today
Maybe I can go to the library then look for a purse
It would be nice to start yoga again but when
Yogurt would be a better choice than pizza
I wonder if anyone has ever thought to make pizza yogurt
I only have two outfits
I need to clean out the bedroom to make room for a new wardrobe
How will people react to Jodi

Anyway, just an idea of the race of thoughts going on. 

I know I said it is overwhelming and it is, but please don’t take that as a negative.  I am so excited and finding ways to calm my mind.  I am truly happy and will make it through all this and probably still worried about finding a nice purse or shoes a year from now.


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