Lucky Me

As my transition starts to pick up speed and the day gets closer and closer for me to walk out in public as the person I feel like, the details are getting overwhelming.  I stole this from someone else, but it is no less true for me, people tell me I am courageous but really I am just doing what I have to to survive.  I couldn’t go on much longer the way I was.  I am extremely fortunate that I have such great people around me though.  It seems like no matter how overwhelmed or scared I am feeling, there is someone there to lend a bit of encouragement.  I see a counselor every couple of weeks, and she amazes me with her calm compassion.  Nothing rattles her and she has been so supportive.  I know this is her job, but it appears to me that she chose a profession that matches her person.  I also go for electrolysis every week.  This is as much therapy as hair removal, too.  It is basically a one or two hour visit with a friend every week, except we never have coffee and chocolates, which is a big hint by the way if you are reading this!  Again, just a wonderful, kind and gentle person.  She has her struggles, but is so concerned about others.  I have also reconnected with a couple I only briefly knew in a city I moved away from.  I did know them for a very brief time, but there was an almost instant connection. I could tell right away that they are extraordinarily nice and genuine people.  Now I get the kindest notes from them and feel so supported in my decision. They seem to always just sense the right time to send a smile or encouraging word.

Right now there is so much focus on me in my life.  It is necessary but I am not used to focusing on myself so much.  I feel very blessed to have the people I have in my life.  The few I mentioned aren’t the only ones.  I want them to know that they are a tremendous support to me right now and I honestly think they are all incredible and very beautiful people.  You are all role models for the type of person I want to be.  Thank you so much for who you are!!!!


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