A very kind and beautiful person I know sent some remarks this morning about the lack of sufficient pronouns in our language.  I mentioned that maybe with awareness, the language needed will follow.  The more I have thought about this through the day, the more I am not happy with my answer, and wanted to write a short post about that.

Did you know that LOL turns 26 years old this month?  That is since it’s first recorded use.  It isn’t just a word in a dictionary, though, it is in everyday use with a pretty common knowledge of its meaning and usage.  So how does this word come into such common usage in a relatively short time (when we already had words for the same meaning I might add) and we still don’t have adequate language around a while group of people who deserve as much respect as anyone?  How many other words can you think of that have come into common usage in the last 25 years?

I was so wrong.  People have been aware of transgendered people for much longer than 25 years and no new pronouns are in common usage yet.  Is this an indication of what is important in our society?  Is LOL more important than a humans dignity?


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