Baby Steps

So it’s been one week since announcing the closet is open.  What a busy week, too.

First, I have to say that I am more at peace with myself than I can remember ever being.  Of course my decision was made before I announced it here, so I have had a bit more than a week to process everything.  There is still anxiety around some issues, like employment, but all of the anxiety I feel now stems from external sources, not from how I feel about myself.

On a very happy note and very appropriate considering this blog and where I started, I went for my first ever pedicure last weekend.  What a treat that was, I don’t know why I waited so long! My toes are now a shiny deep purple and they look great.  There is still a huge learning curve though.  I still present as male and going for my pedicure, I didn’t even consider that I should wear sandals so I didn’t smudge the nail polish.  Luckily, the wonderful person at the spa helped me choose a faster drying one and let me sit until it was dry enough to not smudge.

The only complaint I could possibly think of is the selection of magazines she brought for me.  This particular spa does have a large male clientele and she brought me three magazines geared entirely to males.  One e en showed me how I could build my muscles so I could look like Mr. Atlas or at least his modern equivalent.  I am sure the spa technician was doing what she thought was appropriate to not offend me and it is probably what a majority of their male clients like.  I didn’t correct her, I was presenting as a male and believe her intentions were sincere, but I am finding I am increasingly more sensitive to people who address me as sir or otherwise assume my gender.  Its amazing how many times a day we use gender to classify people without even realizing it.

This week will include more electrolysis and shopping for my new hair.  Very exciting stuff for me, at least.  OK, the electrolysis itself is not a barrel of laughs, but the electrologist is such a great person, it makes it a not too bad experience.  I will elaborate more on these and many other topics in future posts.




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