A World Without Gender

I don’t think most of us can really imagine a world without gender.  I am not sure I can.  Gender is such a part of our society and so pervasive in our everyday lives that it is almost unimaginable to not have it.  What would a world without gender look like?

There will always be differences among people.  A world without gender would just be taking away a label and the social expectations that go along with the label.  What we now define as masculine and feminine traits will still be present in people, but they would hopefully not feel as pressured to display one or the other based on their genitalia.  Doing away with the gender labels would free people to be themselves and take away the social pressure to conform.  The new meaning of conform would hopefully be authenticity in all people.

If you picture a world without gender, do you picture a world of androgynous people?  maybe this is the worry of some people who defend gender so vigorously.  I personally can’t see that happening at all.  There is such a wide range of feelings within the biological sexes that would be able to be expressed in a world without gender.  I think instead of creating a more homogeneous society, it would in fact do the opposite.  There would be a much wider spectrum of expression within the biological sexes.  Instead of spending so much effort trying to differentiate between the supposed two genders like we do now, each individual would be free to express themselves individually in a more honest way with the worries of societal pressure.

In my view, a wider range of individuality would be something to celebrate and would benefit the world as a whole.  Doing away with gender norms could end the oppression certain groups face now and lead to a freer and happier world.


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