My New Blog

It’s May long weekend in Vancouver, what a great time of the year!  The weather is very nice, but I am inside taking a blogging class at the library.  No need to feel sorry for me though, this is something I have been wanting to try.  I have been on a journey lately to find my authentic self and journaling has been a part of that journey.  Now maybe it is time to take that journal, or at least a part of it, online.


I am not sure what direction My New blog will take, but it will be exciting, at least for me, to find out.  If anyone else sees it, that could be even more exciting.  Hopefully it will serve to entertain, educate, inspire or any combination of the above for at least a few people.


Ok, my blog class is almost over so I will keep this first post short.  Why did I name my blog Colored Toes?  Check out the next post to find out.  It does have to do with my personal journey over the last several months and the warm weather we are having in this beautiful Spring.


Happy long weekend everyone!


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