Hello Again

It hasn’t been an easy year for me so far.  I haven’t written here since March and that wasn’t a positive post, to say the least.  A week after that post I was back in hospital.  I assumed it would be like the other times and they would keep me a day or two and send me home.  If that had happened, that would have been the end of me.  On my third day there a mishap caused major water damage to another ward.  Because they had to make room in the other already over crowded wards, I was sent to a transitional unit.  A wonderful nurse that was working that night helped me so much.  He made sure I was assigned to a doctor who has been a great fit for me.  The staff and atmosphere at this unit was such a good and fortunate thing for me.  I was there a few weeks and through another quirk of fate, my doctor ended up at my community MH office so I have continued working with her.  It is only for a short while, but it has been good for me.  Last week I started DBT and WRAP.  Life is still a struggle but at least my support team seems to have more hope for me.  I am slowly getting back into the world, also.  More updates to come, there are some other exciting possibilities coming up soon for me.  



When I was a kid, I took care of myself as much as I could.  Each year I spent more and more time away from home.  As a teen I worked at a summer camp and spent all of summer break there.  During the school year I was hardly home at all, I stayed busy evenings and weekends.  Everyone told me how mature I was.

Right after high school graduation I went into the Navy.  That is how I put myself through University.  I never moved back home after that.  I haven’t always done the best job, but I have been taking care of myself since I was a teen.  I have always been very social but I haven’t needed anyone else.  If I couldn’t do it for myself I didn’t do it.
The last few years that has all come undone.  That pisses me off and scares me.  I can’t live my life by myself anymore.  I am not doing a good job taking care of myself and I really suck at asking for help.  On January 13 of this year I tried to take my own life.  It almost worked.  That is the only solution I see to my life and I am really close to trying again.  

I have asked for help but I don’t think I have done it right.  It is hard for me to admit I can’t do it myself.  It is hard for me to trust that someone else will actually help me.  
Since January I have been surviving.  A job I don’t really like at least keeps me distracted during the weekdays.  Work was the only time I was distracted enough not to have to fight for my survival.  Now even when I am at work I am thinking about killing myself.  
If I can’t even take care of myself what is the point of living. 
Sorry I am not more cheerful.  I thought writing might help get some of this out.  I am not doing too good at finding someone to talk to about this or talking about it.  


I feel like I need to write something, but I don’t know what.  I need to feel some connection to something other than depression and darkness. I am so tired.

I saw my GP on Thursday.  She is a wonderful person and I know she is worried about me.  I hate that I am such a burden.  Just before I left her office she told me something that meant so much.  She let me know what she thinks of me as a person.  It isn’t often that I am a person to someone else.  Most of the time I am a patient or client.  This means a very controlled one way relationship with no chance to be real.  It has its place, but it makes me feel even more isolated to have no real relationships.  

Something in me snapped a few weeks ago.  On my son’s birthday, I gave up.  I have been fighting this darkness for a long time and I just couldn’t anymore.  I have given up.  I quit my meds that weekend.  The doctors think that is the cause of me getting worse, I think it is a symptom.  I reached the point where I can’t see a purpose to fight anymore.

I know I have been a pain in the ass to a lot of people.  I am sorry.  I don’t mean to be.  I was desparate for help.  I wanted a reason to keep going and haven’t been able to find one.  

Happy Birthday

This weekend brings a big day for me, my child turns 18, so not so much a child anymore.  If you don’t know, this is a child I have not seen or heard from in 16 years, which has not been my choice.  My ex decided keeping my child from me would be a good way to hurt me.  A lot of people through the years have tried to comfort me by telling me once he reaches 18 he can decide to reach out without permission.  I understand the good intentions, but it is little comfort.  For me, his eighteenth birthday means I have missed his entire childhood.  There is nothing in this world that can make that ok.  Getting to know him as an adult would be great, but it wouldn’t bring back what I have lost.  

My 1%

I currently have only two significant relationships in my life.  They are both professionals, my GP and my therapist.  I have no personal relationships.  I am afraid of relationships, I know how bad I mess them up and how bad I feel when I do.  I see my GP every week for a half hour and my therapist for an hour, that is less than 1% of my week.  Work consumes roughly 24% of my week so that leaves 75% of my week where I am completely alone.  To look at it another way, I spend 24% of my time to earn the money to just survive 75% of the time while I wait for the 1% of my time that matters at all to me.  Lately I have spent a good deal of the 75% of my time wondering why I bother at all.  Is it really worth it to keep fighting with myself and keep holding on just so I can go to work and make my appointments each week?  

Trump’s America

Looking South from up here, one thing about US politics stands out for me right now.  In one month there is an election in Alabama that has seemed to take on a huge importance.  Maybe I am wrong, but before Trump, there were ultra conservative, racist, homophobic candidates, but even if they might possibly win an election, they didn’t seem quite as threatening.  Now people are expecting this election to be not just a statement about Alabama politics but more of a test to see if 12 months of Trump has turned people away from Trumplike candidates.  Since when has Alabama served as the political weathervane to see which way the wind is blowing?  I grew up in a state that sent an ultra conservative named Jesse Helms to Washington term after term. Yes, he was influential and controversial, but I don’t remember there being such fear that a majority of voters would lean that far right.  Until Trump, it seemed moderates were more of the norm, whether right or left.  Along with everyone else, I will be interested see what message Alabama voters send and how important that message turns out to be for the rest of the country.


I think this is one of the most important days of the year.  Remembering the true cost of wars is important.  We have to remember that war isn’t a Hollywood movie, it is dirty hungry and scared young people killing other dirty scared and hungry young people.  People who have to mature much quicker than they should even though a lot never had the chance for their years to catch up with that maturity.  War sucks and we can’t forget that.  While we honour past heros, we should be looking for ways to avoid future wars.  For every hero we can name, there are countless unnamed dead people.  I am grateful that so many men and women would fight for what they believed in and at the same time I hope no one will ever have to again.  I hate war, I hate that service people all over the world have to die young.  I hate remembering what it was like to be 19 years old in the military and to have to pack up my dead buddies personal items to send to his parents. Today lets honour all those who have served and tomorrow lets start working on finding ways to make the world safe without guns and killing.